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wat is a cell?
the basic unit of structure and function in living things
robert hooke
mid 1600's...observed cork through a microscope..saw box like structures and called them cells
matthias schleiden
1838...german botanist, declared "all plants are made of cells"
theodor schwann
1839...german cytologist (cell scientist)..declared " all living things are made of cells "
rudolf virchow
1855..german physican who studied disease..declared " all cells arise from pre-existing cells"
who were the two guys who formulated the cell theory?
matthias schleiden and theodor schwann
cell theory states these three things:
all living things are made up of cells...cells are the bsic units of living things...all cells come from pre-existing cells
2 exceptions to cell theory
1. viruses ( not living ) 2. where did the first cell come from ( must come from pre-existing cell )