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What is the NPP in Tropical rainforests?
2200 g/square meter/year
What is the location of tropical rainforests?
North and South America, Asian tropics, African tropics, Australia and pacific islands. Commonly occur around equator because of warm weather and sunlight.
What is the climate in tropical rainforests?
64-95F, normally remain constant temperatures
How much rain is in a typical tropical rainforest?
80 inches
Describe the food web in a tropical rainforest.
Contains more than 1/2 of earth's species and produces 40% of the earth's oxygen.
Describe a typical grassland.
Big, rolling planes of grass that do not produce enough oxygen to support trees.
What is the climate in a grassland?
-40F - 70F
What is a temperate grassland?
Grassland with cold winters and hot summers, toward the middle latitudes
What is the NPP in a temperate grassland?
600 dry g/square meter/year
What is a tropical grassland?
Grasslands with a steady temperature
What is the NPP in tropical grasslands?
900 dry g/square meter/year
What is a desert?
Area where vegetation is scace and "moisture deficit"
What is the location of deserts?
1/5 of Earth's surface, between 25N and 40S latitudes
What is the climate in a desert?
hottest biome, 100F in day and 32F at night -> nothing to moderate temperature
What is the amount of rain in deserts?
10 inches of rain
What is the NPP in deserts?
70g/square meter/year