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Question: What is consolidation?

Ex. The businesses were consolidating.
Answer: to join together into one thing
Question: What is a monopoly?

Ex. "Waterboots" has a monopoly on the fishing boots in our town.
Answer: all the possession or control
Question: What is a speculator?

ex. A speculator must be willing to take a risk.
Answer: to take a business risk in hope of making money or getting more power.
Question: What is an exposition?

Ex. We went to the school's art exposition.
Answer: a public show or exhibit
Question: What does centennial mean?

ex. Our town celebrated its centennial last year.
Answer: a 100th anniversary or birthday
Question: What does awe mean?

ex. I am in awe of what you have done.
Answer: an emotion combining fear and wonder.
Question: What is Photosynthesis?

ex. We need plants for photosynthesis.
Answer: the steps that plants go through to make food and produce oxygen.