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What is friction?
When two things rub together and are moving. It is in the opposite direction of movement.Two solid surfaces.
Give three or more words about friction ...
Push, pull, heat, rubbing, mass, slip
What is density?
How much material there is in a fixed volume.
What is Weight?
It is a force of gravity acting on an object
What is an independant variable?
Something you decide to change.
What is a dependant variable?
The thing that changes as a result of this.
A graph must have?
A title, two axes, Scale, Labels
What is air resistance?
The force that air puts on an objects
What is gravity?
The force that keeps us on the ground
Comment tu t'appelles? ca s'ecret?
Je m'appelles Miriam, m, ee, air, ee, arr, m
Quelle age as- tu?
Jai douze ans
Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?
Mon anniversaire, cest le vingt quatre septembre
Qu 'est ce que tu as?
Une calculette, un stylo,une taille crayon