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i can list the orginazation of a complex organism starting with cell and going to whole body
whole body, organ system, organ, tissue, cell
i can list 3 main functions of the skeletal system
1. to support the body
2. to help you move
3. to protect your organs and muscles.
i can define exoskeleton and give an example
a hard layer of bone like structure ont he outside of the body. upper most layer of body. above the skin. crab/lobster.. etc..
i can list 3 types of muscle and give an example of each
skeletal-leg muscle
smooth- intestines
i can describe the difference between voluntary and involluntary muscle
voluntary is what you move on your own and you control it. involuntary is like the heart you dont have to try to make it move it does on its own.
i can describe the main function of the digestive system
to digest foods mechanically and chemically.
i can list a minimum of three organs from the the digestive systerm and describe their function
liver-create bile
stomach- mechanical and chemical digestion
large intestine- to create poop