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What are the three things wrong in #13
Too many Variable
No more than one setup
No control Group
A Good Experiment should have?
One Variable
More than one setup
A controll group
What is an Control group
A control Group is use for comparison with the experimental group. It must have consisent factors.
What is an Experimental Group
An experimental group is the group that has the variable that will be compared with the control Group.
What is a variable
Is the differnt factor between a control group and experimental group. Note: everything else should be the same.
What is a consitent factor
All remaning factors must be consistent and the same between both the experimental and control group.
Hypothesis ?
Possible answer of explanation that can be tested.
What is a conclusion?
When you consult the results of the experiment and determine if the results support the hypothesis.
What is the sciencetific Inquiry process?
Observation, Hypothesis, Experiment, Analyze Data, conclusion and theory.
What is an observation
uses your senses, I usage
uses tool or number, calculations and measurements
involves thinking,
Uses statement "because"
Possible explanation
Do observation or consclusion appear in the rusult section
Why should there be on one variable?
It would make it simpler to figure out what cause the change.
It would be able to compare the two groups more accurately.
Why should an experiment be done twice? Give Example?
Because the setup could have a deformation and cause an experimentant error. This could affect the outcome of the experiment. Give example?
How can result be describe in the result section
What information should be reported in the discusion of your results?
Restae your hypothesis
Was hypothesis support by results
Any source of error
Conclusion - one sentence
What is Surface Tension?
Surface tension is water molecules at the surface of the water that stick together forming a skin that keeps certain objects from sinking and a dome together.
In what ways did we observe that water had surface tension?
By doing three experiments. Pennies dropped on water, drops of water on pennies, and paperclip floating on water.
Is it possible to break water tension?

Give example or evidence?
Yes, because when the water tension stretches so far it would break the surfacet tension.

This can be supported by pennies being dropped in water. When the pennies are dropped into the water, they displace water and cause the water to go over the rim and stretch the water tension.

Drops on a pennies: When water was dropped on a pennie, each drop would stretch the water tension, eventually the water tension would be come so stretched that it will break.
What is population
It is a measurement of the same species at a certain location, that allows them to reproduce.

In order for two creatures to be members of the same populations they must be of the
same species
same location
same time
Sample place
means that member of a population must be phycially close enough to reprooduce.
Imagine that you have 15 deer living on a piece of land that is 2 miles long and 2 miles wide...

What is the population size?
waht is the habitat area?
what is the population density?
The population size is 15 deer, the habitat area is 4 square miles, the population density is 3.75 deer per square mile.
what is carrying capacity
is the max number of animals a habitat can support. If there were 3.75 deer living in an area with a carrying capacity of 2, then there would be too many deer, being over populated. The deer would die because there wouldn't be enough food to support them.
If wolves ate 8 of 15 dear, in an over populated area, what would happen
the density of the population would go down, causeing less deer in the area. This would cause the food soure to restablish itself being better for the remainng deer.
What happens to the carrying cpacity for many creatures in this area around the winter?
In our area, many animals hibernate or move south. For example birds fly south to protect themselves fromt he cold. They emmigrate.

Bear hybernate which temporarily decrease the carrying capacity.
population desnisty is affected by what factors
birth rate
death rate
population denisty formula
population / habitat area = population density.?
If pop density is higes, does this mean that creature are more ore less crowede?
If the habitat area is large, how does this affect the population?
More area
How do animals survive around here when the carrying capacity drops in the winter>?
The carrying capacity decreases because there is not enough food, so the animals hybernate or emmigrate.
Why did human in NYC go by their carrying capacity?
Becuase there was not enough water to support the demand, so they had to create reservoirs to increase their carrying capacity.
What did people do about the fact that NYC went by the carriying capacity
they built reservoirs.
How did we get the water temperature?
we took the temperature of the river water three times and average it. We used a thermomter and average the temps.
How did we get the Air temperature?
We used a thermoter and measure the air temperature three times and averaged them.
how did we get the cross sectional area?
We put a rope acorss the river that had a line on it for every meterand messured the lengh. then we used a meter stick to messur the depth at each line. then the river was divided into boxes and we added the area of each box together and got the area.