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The Scientific Method
The process that scientists use to solve problems
1. The purpose
2. Research
3. Hypothesis
4. Experiment
5. Results
6. Conclusion
Independent Variable
What stays the same
Dependent Variable
what u need
what u use to make it work
4 things we most commonly use to measure
1. Mass
2. Length
3. Times
4. temp
Independent Variable
Is a variable that determines what the value of the other variables will be
Dependent Variable
a variable that it's value relies on the other variables
To test or verify
a factor that can change in an experiment
The Metric System
It was founded in 1670 because they wanted everybody to use the same system
what are the units in the Metric system?
grams(weight, mass), meters(length), liters(liquid)
English system
was founded in ancient Rome and Egypt
English units of measurements
length(in,yards,miles,ft), weight(lbs,oz,tons),temp(f),liquid(fl oz, g,pint,cup
Early measurement unites
cubit(tip of middle finger to elbow),fathom(finger tip to finger tip),Hand span(from your thumb to your pinkie),pace(2 steps),girth(belt measurement),palm(4 fingers together