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O Horizon
The Top organic layer of soil made of litter and humus
A horizon
the layer called topsoil that id found below the o horizon and above the e horizon; seeds and plants grow in the dark colored layer that is made of humus and mineral particals
E horizon
This leaching layer is light in color and is found below the a layer and above the b layer; made of mostly sand and silt it has lost most minerals to the water that dripps from through the soil
b horizon
called the subsoil this layer is foung below the a horizon and above the c horizon; clay and mineral deposits are collected from upper layers in the form of mineralized water
c horizon
called the regolith this layer is below th b horizon and abover the r horizon; made up of slightly broken bedrock; plant roots do not come this far and very little organic material is found
r horizon
unweathered bedrock that lies beneath all other layers
chemical weathering
plant and fungi acids
narrow knife-shaped ridge that separates two corries
bowl-shaped hole in the side of a mountain that is the birthplace of a glaicier
glacial moraine
sediment load; assorted sizes
stages of a river in order (8)
spring*stream*river*big river*meander*oxbow*oxbow lake*delta