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The layer of the air that surrounds earth
The weight of air
Air pressure
A measure of the amount of water in the air
Any form of water that falls from clouds, such as rain or snow
The process by which a liquid changes into a gas
The process by which a gas changes back into a liquid
The winds dependent upon local changes in temperature
Local Winds
The global winds that blow constantly from the same direction
Prevailing Winds
The average of all weather conditions through all seasons over a period of time
The climate of a very small area
A short-term climate change that occurs every 2-10 years
El Nino
The hypothesized rise in Earth's average temperature from excess carbon dioxide
Global Warming
The process by which the Earth's atmosphere absorbs heat
Greenhouse Effect
What causes Local Winds?
Local temperatures

They blow from areas of cold air to warm air
What is a sea breeze?
At what time of day does it occur?
Sea breeze is cold air from the land movind towards the warm air of the sea.

What are prevaling winds, and what causes them to occur?
Prevaling winds is a global winds that move in the same dirrection all the time.
Uneven heating of the Earth and the earth's rotation that is what makes it occur.
How do prevaling winds affect weather systems in the United States?
It makes them move west to east
What is climate?
The average of all weather conditions through all seasons over aperiod of time.
Name 4 factors that affect climate.
Temperature,Precipatation, Wind speed, Wind direction