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The diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane
Isotonic Solution
The concentration of dissolved substances in the solution is the same outside the cell as inside the cell
Hypotonic Solution
The concentration of dissolved substances is lower in the solution outside the cell than inside the cell
Hypertonic Solution
Concentration of dissolved substances outside the cell is higher than inside.
Passive Transport
Movement of particles across the membrane.
Facilitated Diffusion
Passive transport of materials across the membrane.
Active Transport
Movement of materials through a membrane against a concentration gradient.
Process by which a cell surrounds and takes in material from its environment.
Expulsion or secretion of materials from a cell
Cell structures that carry the genetic material that is copied and passed from generation to generation of cells.
Cell Cycle
The sequence of growth and division of a cell.
Cell grows in size and carries on metabolism.
Period of nuclear division
The first and longest phase of mitosis. Long, stringy, chromatin coils up into visible chromosomes.
Sister Chromatids
2 halves of a chromosome.