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who was the Celsius scale named after?
Anders Celsius
what does BTU stand for?
British thermal unit
what is specific heat?
the amount of heat that must be added to a certain mass of a particular substance in order to raise the temperature by 1 degree
what is thermal energy
internal energy due to the random motion of its individual molecules
what is heat?
the transfer of thermal energy from an object of higher temperature to an object of lower temperature
what does BTU stand for?
British thermal unit
who invented the fahrenheit scale?
Daniel Fahrenheit
what is a calorie?
one unit used to measure thermal energy and heat
who was the Kelvin Scale named after?
Lord Kelvin
what is the melting point?
the temperature at which melting occurs
what is merely a state of lower thermal energy?
what is entropy?
amount of disorder in a system
what are the 3 factors that affects the amount of energy that an object contains?
temperature, mass, and type of a substance
state the 2nd law of thermodynamics
heat and other natural processes in a system tend to go only on way, toward less usuable energy and greater disorder
define melting
the changing of a solid into a liquid
what is volatile?
liquids which evaporate rapidly
what is the freezing point?
the temperature at which freezing occurs
define condensation
the process of a gas changing into a liquid
define freezing
the changing of liquids into a solid
heat flows only from what?
warmer objects to cooler objects
what are solutes?
substances which dissolve in a liquid
what is plasma?
special state of matter that exists where temperatures are too high for matter in it ordinary states to exist
what is heat of fusion?
latent heat required to change a given mass of a solid into a liquid without changing its temperature
what is evaporation?
change of a substance froma liquid into a gas
what is sublimation?
skip the liquid and state and change directly in a gas
what is conduction?
heat transferred from one object to another
what are convection currents?
currents within the liquid caused by heated fluid rising and cooler fluids sinking
what is nonvolatile?
liquids which evaporate slowly
define boil
when evaporation has occurs throughout the liquid
what is radiation?
transfer of heat through space in the form of electromagnetic waves
what is convection?
heat transferred by moving fluids
what is thermodynamics?
the branch of physics dealing with heat and energy
state the 1st law of thermodynamics
the total amount of energy in a system is constant
what is the colorimeter?
used to find the change in thermal energy of a material
what is the boiling point?
the temperature at which substances have begun to boil