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uniformitarianism states that
geologic change occurs over long periods of time by a sequece of almost imperceptible events
a biblical worldview is essential for the proper study of science. which of hte following is not a part of a biblical worldview
objective ultimate truth is unknowable
the systems of hte earth are
the biosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, and atmosphere
the "father of modern geology" is
james hutton
christians and non-christians alike should be motiviated to study the natural world for reasons beyond just gaining knowledge. god (the creator) has revealed himself through his creation. which scriptural reference clearly shows this?
romans 1:20
the hardness of a mineral on "moh's scale of hardness" has a hardness of
hardness is
the resistance of a mineral to scratching
a certain mineral has a specific gravity of 0.9. which of the following statements concerning this mineral is true
this mineral is less dense than water
which of hte following woul be classified as a "native element"
the two most abundant elements in earth's crust are
oxygen and silicon
what is the basic unit of a carbonate mineral
CO3 2-
which of the folowing is not a type of luster
the most predominate mineral on the earth's surface are the
which out of the following is a carbonate rock-forming mineral
which one of the following rock-forming minerals is composed of the highest % of silica
igneous rocks from by
cooling and solidification of magma
what information can be obtained by studying internal sedimentary structures of sedimentary rock
1. these stuctures are a record of global catastrophe often referred to as "noah's flood"
2. sedimentary structures provide an indication of the environment present during trasportation and deposition prior to lithification
lithification is the process of rock formation from sediment, generally described in three steps. these steps are
deposition, compression, cementation
igneous rocks are classified based on texture and composition. the following pairs are matched based on composition. which of htese pairs of igneous rocks is mismatched
carl froede, the author of your supplemental textbook, "field studies in catastrophic geology" proposed that uniformitarian processes began
at the end of the ice age, aproximately 3,500 to 6,500 years ago
granite is a type of rock that forms from magma and is characterized by large crystal grains (big enough to see w/o magnification). this characterizes granite as
intrusive igneous rock
gabbro and basalt have a composition containing 45-50% silica. this results in a dark rock that is classified based on that composition as
as magma cools, the first rocks to solidify (crystallize)
have hte least silica content
the same mineral that solidifies slowly to form granite can also erupt to form
is finely crystalline
galena is a (an)
sulfide mineral
weathering and erosion near the earth's surface create the materials for
sedimentary rocks
which of hte following types of igneous rock have hte most silica content
going froms sediment to sedimentary "settling" rock
weather, erosion, transportation, and deposition occur
when igneous "fire-formed" rocks change to sediment
melting prduces a new form of material during the process from
metamorphic "changed from" rock to magma
lithifeid gravel is
clastic sedimentary rock is composed of
particles of weathered rocks
lithified clay is
the fundamental source of energy that drives earth's surface systems is
the sun
the tendency of some minerals to break along a flat surface is called
methodological naturalism is a term used to describe modern science. which ofhte following is NOT a characteristic of methodological naturalism
acknowledges god is sovereign over his creation
the age of the earth is estimated to be
1. 6,000 to 10,000 years odl from a biblical framework
2. 4.6 billion years old from a methodological naturalism (uniformitarianism) framework
which of hte following minerals is the hardest (based on moh's hardness scale)
sediment is classified based on particle size. what is the class of sediment that is between 64-256 mm (tennis ball to basketball size)
deep ground water saturating rock a kilometer underground is a component of the
a pool of liquid magma is a component of the
which physical properties distinguish a particular mineral from all others
chemical compostion and crystal structure