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How are elements represented?
They each have a chemical symbol!
From what are element abreveations drawn?
1.The elements first letter.
2.The elements first and second letter.
3.The Greek or Latin root words.
What are elements?
Some kind of matter, that is made of one kind of atom.
Why are elements called pure substances?
They have one kind of particle, and one kind of atom.
What are metaloids?
Elements that have some properties of both metals and nonmetals.
What gives elements that unique properties?
By the number of protons and electrons in its atoms.
What is a non-metal?
Elements that are usually, brittle, and are very poor conducters of heat and electricity.
What is metal?
Element that are usually, very hard, and good conducters of heat and electricity.
What is the symbol for gold?
Au-From the Latin name for gold, AURUM.
What is the electrical charge of every element?
Their is NO charge, because they all have the same amount of protrons and electrons.
What are most things made of?
They are made of more than one type of atom.
What is water made of?
Oxygen and Hydrogen Atoms.
How many different elements are their?
Less than 100.
Are all atoms the same?
How are elements identified?
By the number of protrons found in the nucleas of its atom.