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hot springs that intermittenly shoots columns of hot water and steam into the air
capillary action
a phenomenon whereby groundwater rises because the water molecules are attracted to soil particles.
the refilling of the soil water supply and there is little need for water by plants
water table
the upper surface of the zone of saturation
permeable layers of rock and sediments that store and carry groundwater in enough quantity to supply wells
mineral deposit
the deposit that is left behind when mineral rich water cools.
artesian formation
a sandwich of permeable and impermeable rocks that store water
the condition where [lants drew water from the soil at times when the need for moisture is greater than the rainfall.
these occur on a hillside when the water table meets the surface and ground water falls out.
when the soil storage is filled and when rainfall is greatwe than the need for moisture
a large underground chamber that usually forms when limestone is dissolved by carbonic acid.
amount of pore space in soil or rock
water budget
a graphic representation that descibes the income and spendinf water for a region
when the need for moisture is greater than the rainfall and rhe soil water storage is gone
karst topography
regions characterized by sinkholes, sinkhole ponds, lost rivers and underground drainage.
the branches a river forms as it flows through a delta
flash flood
a sudden flood usuallu causd by a cloud burst
yazoo tributary
tributaries that flow through the backswamp
a small valley that forms after a single, heavy rain
one way a stream erodes at waterfalls, causes waterfalls to recede
base level
level of the largest body of water into which a stream flows.
stream piracy
when one stream overtakes the headwaters of another stream
long, canoe shaped hill, found in groups, made of rill, and can show the direction of glacial movement
semicircular basin that forms at the head of the glacial valley.
basal slip
glacial movement due to ice melting at the bottom of the glacier allowing the glacier ro slide easily under gravity
rough, granular ice material that forms from compacted snow
the process which iceburgs are formed.
large glacial boulder that have been transported into an area by glaciers.
sub-glacial stream deposits that form long, winding ridges.
ice front
where a glacier ends and where the glacier ends and where the glacier is moving as fast as its melting.
a large mass of compact snow and ice that move under the force of gravity.
valley glacier
the insorted and unstratified rock material deposited bu a retreating glacier
a small, cone- shaped hill of stratified sand and gravel.
plastic flow
glacial movement due to the compression of ice to a flattened form allowing the grains of ice to slip past each other.
material deposited by glacial melt water it is sorted and stratified
lenght of open water over which the wind blows
deep, steep-sided bay formed from retreating glacier
removal od loose rock particles by wind
desert peavement
surface of boulders pebbles left behind after sand and silt are blown away.
area of shore between high tide level and low tide level