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(rain,sleet,snow,hail) falls to earth's surface, flows over the land to streams and other surface waters, some evaporates and some seeps into the ground
Weathering and Erosion
The water that flows over the surface of the earth contributes to _____________ and ____________________.
is the process by which rocks break down into various earth materials, including soil.
is the wearing away and movement of these weathered materials from one place to another.
Erosion can be caused by
wind, flowing water, glaciers or waves.
Water in any state (gas, liquid or solid) ....
is one of the most effective agents of erosion.
Sheet wash and gullying
are two types of erosion demonstrated in the stream bed experiments.
Sheet wash is .....
when a thin layer of water fans out over the land.
Gullying is .....
when a continuous flow of water creates a ditch.