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Which of the following scientists first described evolution as a process of adaptation?
a. Darwin
b. Buffon
c. Lamarck
d. Lyell
e. Malthus
C. Lyell
The ideas of Charles Lyell and other geologists of the time suggested that
the earth was much older than originally thought
The idea that an individual’s enhanced characteristics would be passed on to offspring is called
inheritance of acquired characteristics
Thomas Malthus proposed that events such as disease, famine, and homelessness were caused by
an increase in human population
In certain environments, a greenish form of a caterpillar blends in with its surroundings better than a yellowish form of the same type of caterpillar. Therefore, the yellow caterpillar is eaten more often by birds than the green caterpillar. More of the green caterpillars become butterflies that produce more green caterpillars. The percentage of green caterpillars in the population grows. This is an example of
natural selection
The preserved remains of an organism are called
Which of the following statements is true?
a. Fossils of extinct species do not help scientists today.
b. Fossils of extinct species hold all the clues needed to explain evolution.
c. Fossils of extinct species are never found above sea level.
d. Fossils of extinct species help scientists reconstruct the past.
e. Fossils of extinct species show how little life on Earth has changed.
D. fossils of extinct species help scientists to reconstruct the past
Whale flippers, bat wings, and cat legs are considered to be __________________ because they have the same skeletal parts, despite the fact that they have different functions.
homologous structures
An example of a vestigial structure is
the human tailbone
Which organism’s amino acid sequence for hemoglobin most closely matches that of a human?
A group of organisms of the same species living in the same area at the same time is called a(n)
Difference among members of the same species is known as
Natural selection tends to result in the success of
organisms that are most adapt to their environment
Genetic drift in a small population that is colonizing a new territory is known as
the founder effect
Which of the following statements is true?
a. Populations rarely remain in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for long in nature.
b. Larger populations are impacted by genetic drift more than smaller ones.
c. A change in the gene pool due to chance is called gene flow.
d. The exchange of genes with another population is called genetic drift.
e. Reducing the size of a population actually increases the gene pool.
a. Populations rarely remain in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for long in nature.
Mutations are the original source of variation in
a. large populations.
b. sexually reproducing organisms.
c. asexually reproducing organisms.
d. small populations.
e. all of the above.
e. all of the above
The best measure of an organism’s biological fitness is
whether it produces healthy fertile offspring
The Grant’s research on finch beaks on the Galápagos Islands has shown that
natural selection can be measured in a human lifetime
Sickle-cell allele is common in human populations in the African tropics. One probable reason for this is that the allele provides resistance to the symptoms of