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A push or a pull
The force that pulls everything towards the center of Earth.
Inventor of the reflecting telescope.
A measure of how far something moves during a period of time.
Average Speed
The measure of the total distance an object was moved divided by the total time elapsed.
The speed of an object in a particular direction.
A force that opposes motion whenever two surfaces rub together against each other.
Balanced forces
The opposite forces acting on an object that cancel each other out.
Unbalanced forces
The forces acting on an object that cause a change in velocity, making an object speed up, slow down or change direction.
The strength of the gravitational force between objects does not depend on their size. It depends only on the _____ of the objects and the distance between them.
Weight is a measure of _____.
What makes moving objects stay in motion?
What makes moving objects stop?
A push or a pull
When we walk on the ground, our feet push against the ground. At the same time, the ground pushes against our feet with _____ force.
Mass is a measure of _____.
the amount of matter that makes up an object
For every action force there is a reaction force of _____ strenght that acts in the _____ direction.
Equal Opposite
Give an example of a balanced force.
Two kids (each weighing the same) on a teeter totter.
Give an example of a unbalanced force.
You and Amanda on a teeter totter.
Why can you walk up a 1 mile hill in 60 minutes but it only takes 30 minutes to walk down the same hill?