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What will happen to a plant cell when placed in a solution with the same concentration gradient
the cell will remain the same when placed in an isotonic solution(same concentration gradient)
What will happen to a plant cell when placed in a solution that is less concentrated than the cell?
The water is less concentrated than the solution of the red blood cells. Hence more water enters than leaves teh cell.As a result the cell will swell and may burst
What will happen to the plant cell when placed in a solution that is less concentrated than inside the cell
the solution eg. very salty solution(hypertonic) is more concentrated than the solution inside the red blodd cell. Hence more water leaves the cell than enters the cell.As a result the cell shrinks
What are consumers?
organisms which depend directly or indirectly on plants for their energy.
What are scanvengers?
animals which eat dead and decaying organisms, eg. earthworms,ants, termites and the johncrow.
What are decomposers?
They bring about decay of dead organisms and wastes and release minerals and other materials to be re-used by plants. Eg. decay bacteriaa and fungi
What are parasites?
plants or animals feeding on living organisms eg. tapeworm, ticks, flees, lice and dodder
Plants that attach themselves to trees that are high above them are called what?
what shows carbon atoms which are passd from one organism to another and to their environment as they live, breathe,eat die and decay
carbon cycle
what does classification mean?
to put into groups or classes. Organisms in a particular gorup resemble each other in certain ways
Give 2 advantages of classifying organisms
1. it is easier to to identify a certain organism
2.orgainsisms in a group have certain characteristics in common so we can describe them
What is invagination?
when the nucleus in the cell appears to be smaller but it is not really getting smaller
What are the materials used in photosynthesis?
water and carbon-dioxide
What is the product?
energy, starch and oxygen
What conditions are needed for photosynthesis?
cholorophyll and sunlight