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What is chemistry?
Chemistry is the science where we study substances to find out: what things are made of, and how substances act under different conditions. Also, how do substances combine with others.
Matter (3 states):
Matter is anything that has a mass and takes up space, the 3 physical states of matter are solid, liquid and gas.
Changes of state:
two types of changes; physical change [is a change of the appearance of the object] and chemical change [a new substance is formed, because we have altered or combined the chemical makeup of the substance. This change can not be reversed.]
Physical changes that require the addition or removal of heat:
-melting: solid-liquid: add heat
-freezing: liquid-solid: remove heat
-condensation: gas-liquid: remove heat
-evaporation: liquid-gas: add heat
-sublimation: gas-solid: remove heat OR solid-gas: add heat
Four clues:
1) heat or ligh is given off, 2) bubbles of gas are produced, 3) change in the color (obvious), 4) a precipate forms in liquid.
2 or more elements combined together to form a new substance.
Mechanical Mixtures:
is a mixture where two or more substances are combined, and two parts are visible. Ex: salad dressing, chocolate cookies etc.
are mixtures where two or more substances are combined but the product looks like one. Ex: ketchup, kool-aid, etc.
a mixture where two or more substances are combined in each other (doesn't completely mix) Ex: corn starch and water.
Pure substances:
purest forms or the element
natural state, there is only one. Ex: anything found of the periodic table)
is when two or more different elements combine to form a new substance. Ex: Na+Cl=NaCl
an element combining with itself. Ex: o + o= 02
-along the metalic staircase
-generally have properties of metals and non-metals
-boron, silicon, germanium, arsenic, antimony, tellurium, polonium
are the horizontal rows (7), all the elements in the rows have the same number of energy levels.