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The shark eats the fish. What relationship exists?
Q:Tick birds eat ticks off of rhinos. Both animals benefit from the realtionship.What relationship exists?
A monkey lives in a tree. The tree provides food and shelter for the monkey. What relationship exists?
What is an animal that eats meat?
In an energy pyramid, what would be at the base of the pyramid?
grasses and Acacia tree
What is an adaptation?
traits that organisms possess which aid in their survival
A spider spins its own web to catch food. What type of adaptation is this?
Behavioral Adaptation
A bear eats a lot of food before it goes into hibernation. This is an example of?
Physiological Adaptation
What does warning coloration exhibit?
brightly colored to warn predators that it is poisonous.
A polar bear is white why?
to blend in with the snow
When a cub learns how to hunt from its mother it is an example of?
a learned behavior
A baby is born knowing how to cry. This behavior is an _________.
A tree represents what stage of the water cycle?
A river represents _______ in the water cycle?
What cycle involves a gas exchange between plants and animals?
Carbon Dioxide-Oxygen Cycle