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What is a protist?
-Eukaryote-have a nucleus
-some are autoptrophs, some heterotrophs
-mostly unicellular
Discribe a animal-like protists.
-most have means of locomotion
-a.k.a protozoans
-uses psuedopods (false feet)
What are psuedopods used for?
Used for eating and moving.
Define-contractile valcuole
an organelle that regulates the amount of water
Define cilia
many hair-like structures that surround the cell
Flagellates are also known as..
What are zooflagelletes?
They live in intestines of termites (lives in orginisms in general)
What is symbiosis?
interatction between two species- one organism is benifited
What is mutualism?
When both partners benefit from living with each other, when both species are benefited- they dont get harmed.
-When a person drinks water containing _1__, zooflagellates attaches to the persons intestine, where they feed and reproduce.
Define gardia.
-found in strems, rivers, lakes
Sporozoans are..
They are charaterized more by the way they live then by the way they move.
-they are parasites that feed on the cells & body fluids of their hosts
Define plasmodium.
Sporozoan that causes mararia (serious desease of blood)
___1__ have cell walls and use spores to reproduce and are heterotrophs.
1) Fungus-like protists
What is a spore?
Tiny cell that is able to grow into a new organism
List some examples of fungus-like protist.
-water molds, downy mildews, slime molds
Discribe slime molds.
-live in moist soils and live on decaying plants and trees
-move in a ameba like way by forming psuedopods/feed on bacteria and micro-organisms
Grow out of mass and releases spores, which develop into a new generation of slime molds
When single-celled algae come together and form colonies, some cells are specilized to preform functions like reproduction