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What is the theroy of natural selection?
A theroy that supports the idea that organisms withtray are more likely to survive
What is an alien spiecies?
And give example
Introduced speicies to an enviernment that destroy native species.\

Example: Killer Bees
Killer Bees
What is Divercity?
Differences among living things
Kate: Red tie
Brad: Black tie
What is Divercity?
Differences among living things
Kate: Red tie
Brad: Black tie
What is global warming?
Burning fossil fuels releases CO2 which can get trapped in heat.
Are fossil fuels good or bad for the enviernment when burned?
Whats a niche?
A role an organism plays in its enviorntment.
What are decomposers?
Organisms that dreak down dead things
What are producers?
Organisms that make their own food.
What is mutualism?
An association between organisms of two different species in which each member benefits.
What is population?
A group of organisms that are the same spiecies and live in the same place at the same time.
What is global warming?
Burning fossil fuels releases CO2 which can get trapped in heat.
What is a biotic factor?
Living things or once living things in an enviornment.
What is an abiotic fator?
a nonliving organism
What is a parasite/host relationship?
Give an example.
When a host needs a parasite to

Example: tick on a dog
During photosynthesis plants take in ________ and give off _____.
1. Carbon Dioxcide
2. Oxygen
What is the nonrenewable resource that comes from the remains of plants and animals that lived 100 to 400 million years ago?
What is the name of the cycle that includes evaperation, concideration, and precipitation?
What is a biosphere?
Small portions of the earth that organisms occupy
What is a food chain?
A model that shows transfer of energy in just a few steps.
What is a food web?
A model that shoes possible food relationships in a comunity.
What is the difference between a food web and a food chain?
A food chain shows in just a few steps but a food web shows all steps.
What is a nonrenewable resource?
Resource that takes years to make.
What happens to other populations within a community when other species in that same comunity is changed?
They all change
Which takes longer primary succession or secondary sucsession?
primary sucession
Describe the coniferous forest? What kind of trees live there?
very cold, heavy snow.

Spruce trees
Describe the tropical rain forest.
What makes it so special?
Hot and humid,

Its speical because even though its hot and humid its wet.
Describe the conditions of the tundra.
Freezing, little sunlight, dry
What is a biome?
geographic areas on earth that share simular climate.
What is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere?
List the 7 levels of Classification.
Genus - Capitalized
Species- Lowercase
WHat dingdom do trees belong to?
That is the species name of Felis Catus?
What is the genus name of Felis Catus?
How do Scientists classify organisms?
Describe the muscles of the frog. Why are they that way?
very strong
because they can jump high
Which of the following is not an adaption tof the crayfish? Chelipeds, swimmersets, eytoskeleton, or antennules?
What are the three things scientists use to prove the theory of evolution?
Fossil record. radio active dating, embriology
What is the fossil record?
shows as earth aged organisms grow more complex
What is an adaptation?
any variation that makes an organism best suited for enviornment
What is variety?
different trait between speicies
What is evolution?
change in pereditary features over time
How are elements assigned a symbol?
By 1st letter of scientific name.
By any 2 letters of their scientific name
By the latin name
What is the solute?
whats being dosolved in a solution
What is the solvent?
Whats doing the disolving into a solution
What does it mean when a solution is saturated?
cant hold anymore solute
How are mixtures seperated?