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A scientist who studies volcanoes
The opening of the volcano where lava erupts
Underground liquid rock
Date that Mount St. Helens erupted
May 18 1980
Ahah is light or dark?
An avalanche of volcanic material is called
Pyroclastic Flow
How fast can pyroclastic flows move?
80 miles per hour
How many zones are active
What are the four elements in combination lava
iron, silicon, magnesium, and alluminum
What is the temerature of pyroclastic flow
704 degrees C
Pummis can form from this type of lava
Gases present
Type of volcanoes in the Hawaiian Islands
What 2 factors are important in an eruption
temperature and water
Hot liquid rock which has reached the Earth's surface
The place in the Earths surface thru which magma and other materials reach
Volcanic dust
The smallest particles blown in the air from the volcano
Volcanic ash
A particle blown in the air from the volcanic which is the size of a rice grain
Volcanic bombs
The largest type of particle blown in the air from the volcano
Small volcanic bombs the size of golf balls
Cinder Cones
One type of volcano which form explosive eruptions which are made up mostly of cinders.
Shield Volcanoes
Composed of quiet lava flows
Composite Volcanoes
Built up of alternating layers of rock particles
The funnel shaped pit at the top of the volcanic cone
A large pit formed when a top of a volcano collapses or explodes
The Ring of Fire
Extends around the Pacific Ocean
The Mediterranean Zone
Extends around the Medeterranean Sea
What is the most dangerous volcano in the US?
Mount Rainier
The Mid Atlantic Ridge
Extends down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and through Iceland
Why is Mount Rainier so dangerous?
Because of constantley shifting tectonic plates, which one might squeeze down into the mantle where it becomes trapped with hot magma, and if the pressure becomes too great, it will explode