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Why do scientists classify things?
Scientists classify things to study them more easily.
What is a trait?
A trait describes or tells about a thing.
What are the two main groups of living things?
Animal Kingdom & Plant Kingdom
How are plants and animals different?
Animals must eat food, and they can move from place to place.

Plants make their own food and cannot move from place to place.
A seed is a part of a plant from which a new plant can grow.
How do scientists classify plants?
Scientists classify plants into two groups.

seed plants & non-seed plants
Seed Plant
A plant that can form a new plant from seeds.
What are two groups of seed plants?
Plants that form seeds in flowers and plants that form seeds in cones.

(Flowers & Cones)
A fruit is the part of a flower that forms around a seed.
Any plant whose seeds have two sections.

All dicots have leaves with netted veins.
How are flowering plants alike?
Flowering plants all form seeds in flowers.
Any plant whose seeds are in one piece.

All monocots have leaves with parallel veins.
A plant that forms seeds in cones.
What kind of seed plant has no flowers?
Plants with needlelike leaves.
What is a nonseed plant?
A plant that does not make seeds.
What is the difference between seed plants and nonseed plants?
Seed plants form new plants from seeds. Nonseed plants do not.
What are the three main groups of nonseed plants?
1. Algae
2. Mosses & Liverworts
3. Ferns
How do mosses, liverworts, & ferns form new plants?
They form new plants from spores?
What are fungi?
A group of living things that form spores and do not make their own food.

(bread mold, mushrooms, & yeast)
Whar are Protists?
Protists are very small living things.

(ameba & diatom)
Algae can be classified into what three colors?
1. Green
2. Red
3. Brown