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________ : parshaly varified idea that ties together a number of different observations.
name the steps of the expiermental method in order.
1 state the problem
2 form a hypothesis
3 do a controlled expeirmnet
4 analze the data
5 make a conclusion
6 verify the conclusion
why is communication in science important?
so you can verify your answers with other people's results, examine others research, and learn from other peoples mistakes
Which has more evidence to suport itself... hypothesis, or theroy... why
theroy, because it's been proved at least once
what type of data can be recorded with numbers and measurments?
quanitative data
why do you think scientists prefer quanitative data over qualitative?
because science is mostly exact, and quanitative is more exact
when _____ we look for the realationships in the data
Name at least two of the limitations of science
1 it cannot be used to solve all of our problems
2 it can't establish truth
3 it is limited by the persons who practice it
4 It can't prove a universal statement
5 It can't make value judgementa
6 it can never answer all of our questions
_______: a statement of a consistent pattern of phenomena which has been varified repeaditly
a ____ _____ attempts to look at just one factor that could help answer the orignal problem
controlled expierment
what does verify mean
reapting the expiernment at least once to make sure it's right
what is a value judgement
it's your personal opinion on a certain object
What is a hypothesis
an educated guess
what type of data is not recored in measurable units?
qualitative data
what is a variable
the factor that is delibretly changed or altered
the _____ ______ is the best way we have developed to give usable answers about the physical world
scientific mehtod
which step of the expiermental method involves tables and graphs?