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What is Breathing?
what your body does when it takes in fresh air containing oxygen (02) and lets out used air (C02)
What is Respitory System?
the parts of the body that work together to bring air in and push air out of your body. (Nose and mouth windpipe, bronchial tubes, lungs and diaphram)
What is cartilage?
tough but bendable body material
What is inhaling?
when you breathe in
What is exhaling?
when you breathe out
What is breathing rate?
the number of times you inhale in one minute.
At rest - slow breathing
At work - breathe faster and harder
What are vocal cords?
Two stretchy bands that run across the top of your windpipe.
Tap together....gently speak
Tap toghther...evenly yell
Bang together....sing vibrate
What is the larynx?
the voice box
What are bronchial tubes?
tubes that travel from your windpipe into the lungs
What are air sacs?
Chambers that have very thin walls.
What is O2?
What is CO2?
Carbon Dioxide
What is a cell?
a basic unit that makes up all living things
What is respiration?
breathing or taking in O2 and putting out C02