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Scissors are made of two _____ that work together.
Where is force put on scissors?
You put the force on the handles.
Where is the work of a scissors done?
work of a scissors is done at the blades.
Where is the fulcrum on a scissors?
The levers share a fulcrum at the place where the levers are joined.
The scissors blades are two sharp_______.
A combination of two or more simple machines is called a _______ ___________.
compound machine
How are screws used in a bicycle?
Screws hold many parts of the bike together.
What kinds of simple machines are a bike's hand brakes?
The Bicycles hand brakes are levers.
On a bike,the _____ _____ and the rear wheel form a wheel and axle
little sprocket
On a bicycle the ____ ______ and the cranks and the pedals form a wheel and axle.
big sprocket
A _____ ____ is a combination of two or more simple machines.
compound machines
A pair of scissors is made of two ______
a sprocket is a wheel with ______
The big sprocket and the cranks and the pedals of a bicycle are one ____ ____ ___
wheel and axle
Two gears working together change ____ put into a machine