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What is Aristotles contribution to biology?
Aristotle made observations of more than 500 animal species and set up a classification system.
What did Zacharias Janssen invent?
He invented the first two lens microscope in 1595. (compound microscope)
What did Robert Hooke discover?
Hooke discovered the cell from examining thin slices of a cork.
What was Antoni van Leeuwenhoek first to observe?
individual free-living cells, such as bacteria, and unicellular protozoa.
What experiment did Francesco Redi perform?
He proved that living organisms need oxygen to be produced by cealing meat in a container and flies were not produced.
What was john Needhams theory?
That there was a life force that produced spontaneous generation.
What was Spallanzanis claim against Needhams theory?
he proposed that there were micro organisms in the air that were responsible for ew growth.
How did pasteur disprove spontaneous generation?
Pasteur put broth in flasks with the tops sealed by bending them. This way no micro organisms could get in to contaminate it.
What cell structure did Robert Brown identify?
Brown discovered the cells nucleus in 1838.
Who proposed the cell theory?
Matthais Schlieden and Theodor Schwann.