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What was Gregor Mendel known for?
studied inheritance in pea plants
What is DNA?
the material that makes up chromosomes and carries information about inheritance
What was Thomas Hunt Morgan known for?
experiments with fruit flies
What was Rosalind Franklin known for?
produced pictures of DNA molecules
What were Francis Crick and James Watson known for?
built a model of DNA structure
Name two results of selective breeding in crops.
-crops are bigger
-crops resist pests and diseases
-stay fresh longer
-taste better
How might disease resistant crops help farmers? 2 examples
-better, bigger harvests
-less need for chemical sprays to fight disease
-less time spent working in fields
Why do you think that breeding plants or animals to produce certain traits is called selective breeding?
they are selected for certain desirable traits.
How are genes and chromosomes related?
genes are sections of chromosomes
Why were pea plants chosen?
They are small, easy to grown and produce many offspring each year.