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traits that pass from parents to their offspring
What are some visible traits inherited by humans?
1. nose size
2. nose shape
3. hair color
4. eye color
5. hair texture
What part of a chromosome carries information and controls a trait?
a gene
In the offspring of plants and animals, how many genes for a trait are usually inherited?
at least two
Where do the two genes for each trait in an offspring come from?
one gene for each trait comes from each parent
dominant gene
a gene that can prevent the expression of another gene
recessive gene
a gene whose expression is hidden by a dominant gene
When a dominant and a recessive gene are paired, which one can hid the effect of the other gene?
the dominant gene
an individual that has a dominant and a recessive gene for a trait
a permanant change in the strucutre of a gene or chromosome
What are some mutations that are visible from the outside?
-different eye colors
-squirrel with white fur
-sheep with short legs
What are some mutations that are not visible from the outside?
diseases such as hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, and cystic fribrosis
What is the name of the diagrams that record how traits can be inherited when living things reproduce?
Punnett squares