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Domian-referenced test:
Draws items from a very precisley defined content area or domain
Norm-referenced test:
Differentiate students at different levels of achievment, but do not identify strength or weaknesses
Criterion-referenced tests:
Used to interpret test performance based on whether or not the student reached an established criterion (e.g. 90% accuracy level).
Raven's Progressive Matrices was developed as a measure of:
Spearman's "g". Even though it is currently used more as a measure of perceptual ability
The research on teacher evaluations of boys and girls has found that:
Both male and female teachers exhibit similar biases toward male and females, such as both both tending to negatively evaluate boys.
Differences between Verbal & Performance scores may be meaningful if;
1)There is a 12 point difference
2)Scatter on Performance is less than 9 points and on Verbal less than7 points
Children with hearing impairments, ADHD, reading disorders, score HIGHEST on which WISC-III index?
Perceptual orginization
Correlations for inteliigence:
Siblings = .49
Twins (together) = .88
Twins (apart) = .75
Vineland measures what?
Competencies, but not neccesarily abilities