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What are other titles of CBOs
Assistant Supt of Business
Business Manager
Director of Business
Associate Supt. of Business
Director of Fiscal Services
Compare and contrast the work of business officers in the private sector vs. education.
Private -concerned w/ profit
Educ product is students/not
easily measured or eval.
List some characterists of CBO
45 - 50 years old
retirement winin 10 years
clssified (generally)
white male
many college graduates aver.
18 years employment
salary $65 -$100 thousand
should have expertise in
accounting, financing,
public administration
List the professional standards of CBO's adopted by Assoc. of School Business Officials
educational enterprise
financial resource mgmt *****
human resource mgmt
facility mgmt
prop. aquisition & mgmt
information mgmt
ancillary services, including risk mgmt, transportation, food svcs
What are some duties and responsibilities of CBO?
provide resources for efficient and effect. educaitonal program

strategic planning, financial planning
information technology
collective bargaining
fiscal accounting
risk management
facilities management
provide fiscal information to board and supt
What are some things to consider when strategic planning?
"what if" assumptions about projections, economy
subscriptions to ED.Leadership magazines
disseminate info to staff
source of funds
focus on big picture
What should CBO's focus be during financial planning and budgeting?
goals should be student cntrd
money should be calculated to achieve goals
annual budget most important
consideration of district's needs several years in adv.
(instructional program, facilties, maintenance, operations, and all other aspects of an effective program for students
Why has collective bargaining become so important for CBO's
vast majority of school district employees belong to a union
CBO must prepare an present information that is credible
What are three issues concerning facilties management?
new construction
maintaining facilties
use of facilities
What is MBWA?
management by walking around going to schools to observe their
What should the CBO do during the first 10 days on the job?
meet colleagues
note views of predecessor
review districts fin. pict
locate records
beg. estab. routines
connect to local affiliates of the Assoc. of School Bus. Officials International and to peers in other districts
meet labor leaders
review info. mgmt. system
review transp. syst. note andy problems
find out about districts emergency response plans and procedures
read up to date reference materials
develop a work plan and review it with supt.