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What is one major factor that determines funding for educational programs?
The wealth of the state?
What factors have had measurable effects upon the quality of education provided to Calif. students?
control of CA public school
financial condition of state
resources allocated to educ.
increasing population
academic achievement
option of class size reduction
need for ed. technology
dir. & effort of virtual tch
charter school movement
need for adequate financing
student social promotion
funds for construction and
need to train and recruit T's
improve health and welfare of children
What cause the major shift in financial control of school districts.
passage of Senate Bill 90 in 1972.
legislation established a formula for maximum per-pupil income for school districts
took away authority of local school boards to increase taxes (revenue limit)

state control further expanded with Prop 13 - 1978.
Proposition amended the state consttitution to restrict annual ad valorem taxes to 1% of market value of property
it also limited the conditions under which propertyassessment could be increased.

it also gave local school boards very few revenue enhancement powers

local voters were denied the opportunity to levy ad valorem taxes in excess of the 1% rate except when bonds were approvedo
Why is it that California seems to have a lack of means in funding education>
CA has chosen to spend less on its students

much money is spent on teachers' salaries

school districts must deal with uncertainty, knowing that reductions are often necessary in efforts to balance the budget

massive incease in population
AB 1626
social promotion
What are some of the problems associated with California's children?
unwed parents
lack of health coverage
child abuse
drop out