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What is the function of the maintenance department?
repairs and replaces buildings and equipment

(ie. floors roofs, heating, air cond. equip., broken windows, sprinklers

maintenance keeps the grounds, buildings, and equipment in their original condition through repairs
What is the function of operations department?
housekeeping routines that keep schools functional

regular ongoing tasks that make schools ready for daily use

(ie. utilities, cleaning classrooms and facilities, gardening, lawn mowing, moving furniture,....)
What type of financial commitment should the disgtrict make to maintenance and operations?
can be calculated dollar by dollar, or as a percentage

many school districts cut back on maintenance and operations when finances decline
What does the district do regarding contract maintenance work vs work completed by district maintenance staff?
work handled outside district means less work and personel.

contracting work outside has become a major concern for some unions

routine work is generally done by district employees.

larger jobs may be contracted out
what involvement does the district maintenance staff have in capital improvement projects?
district maintenance staff is employed for routine purposes

capital improvement ventures require large work crews and special equipment
What are the priorites for responding to maintenance reqests?
Safety first

Necessity of instruction is the second priority
What are the considerations for developing an organizational chart for maintenance and operations?
approved by gov. board

lines of authority should be clearly dileated showing the direct supervisor for each position

all employees responsible to one direct supervisor

job descriptions should be developed for each job classification and should clearly state the supervisor for that classification
What are some items to budget for maintenance and operations?
replacement and repair of equipment and facilities

work orders

personnel costs

end of the year balance

reserve fund
Why is it necessary to have a reserve fund
emergency purposes
Why is it important for the business manager to monitor the maintenance and operations budget closely?
sound business practice

it's important to know what your expenses are and assure you have not exceeded what was budgeted for