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Williams vs. California
2000 filed by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) charging California with substandard conditions in its urban schools (buildings and textbooks, and qualified teachers)
rats & roaches caused this to go to court
Causes of large population growth in California
immigration (approximately 1/4 of nation's immigrants live in California
Pyler vs. Doe
illegal aliens are also entitled to a free education
to ask their statud is illegal
Phase I of funding facilities
began with adoption of California Constitution and ended following WWII

tax payers paid for schools using GO Bonds

half of schools today were built with GO Bonds
Phase II of funding facilities
began after WWII and ended after Prop 13 in 1978

GO Bonds still used but schools were swampted with growth and reached the limit of their bonding capacity

State entered school contruction arena in late 1940's on emerg. basis

1952 adoption of state school building program in which the state implemented construction aid to schools for the next 26 years
Phase III of funding facilities
started after the passage of Prop 13 in 1978

State assumed major role in financing school construction because Prop 13 limited assessed valuation to 1% & GO Bonds with redemption supported by a local ad valorem tax was no longer possible
ad valorem tax
add on tax
Proposition 46 1986
restored school districts the authority to seek voter approval for bond issues
Prop 55, 2004
provided 10 million dollars for k-12 school faciliteis

divided half and half between new construction and other needsw
Legisltive Analys Office
Leroy Green Lease/Purchase
made funds available for school construction when funding eligibility requirements are met

funds may also purchase schol sites

school districts allocated money according to point system.

distribution of Leroy Greene moneys for school construction is determined by the State Allocation Board (SAB)
Local Funding Options
developer fees
developer donated school
certificates of participation
GO Bonds
Mello Roos Comm. Facilitiesj
Parcel Tax
Relocatable School
Sale of Surplus Property