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Warning signs for potential violence
Imminent Warning Signs
Serious physical fighting with family members
Severe destruction of property
Severe rage for seemingly minor reasons
Detailed threats of lethal violence
Possession and/or use of firearms and other weapons
Self-injurious behavior or threats of suicide.

If student comes to school with a weapon and is threatening to use it, the police should be called.
If student has other imminent warning signs, inform the students parents and help arrange for outside help from child and family services. (Scaria, 2004)
Who is likely to bully?
Most common in elementary school
Two requirements for label of Mental Retardation
Sig. subaverage intell.functioning=IQ 70 or below on indiv.test AND ineffective to meet std.s expected for age grp Mild IQ 50-70; mod. IQ 35-50; sev. IQ 20-35; profound bel 20
How many major disorders? (all linked by early age of onset)
13--Mental Retardation, LD's, Motor Skills Dis., Comm. Dis., TIC Disorders, AD & Disrup Beh Dis. (Conduct & ODD), Pervasive Dev. Dis., Feeding/eating dis. of infancy/early child., Elimniation Dis., Other:Sep. Anx., Selec. Mutism, Reac. Attach. Dis. of Infancy, Stereotypic movement dis., Dis. Infancy, Child, adol.NOS
How many children btw. ages of 5 & 9 experience some form of disord. sever enough to intefere w/daily function? How many receive treatment?
5%--15%/ only 10% of those rec. treatment
What are 4 Delivery Systems for School Counselors (ASCA)?
Guidance Curric., Indiv. Student Planning, Responsive Services, System Support (analyzing data, coord. activivites)
What is IDEA?
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act to ensure students have F.A.P.E.(paid for by public) ages 3-21, (LD, AU,ED)
What is IDEA purpose?
ensure right of disables children are protected, assisst states and locals to provide ed.; assess/ensure effectiveness to educate child. w/diabilities; IEP in LRE; due Process
How many GLBTQ student report being verbally harassed?
84% or about 8 of 10
Btw. what 2 entities have there been found a direct relationship regarding GLBTQ students?
In-school victimization and GPA/college aspirations
School Counselor Inteverventions for GLBTQ students
normalize confusion;nonjudgemental;respect confidentiality;deal w/feeling;alert for depression/suicide; give accurate info STD's; provide support
What is transference & countertransference?
You recog. your own social ID group (wht female) and how this affects your behavior toward & reactions from other indiv. & groups
What is etic & emic aspects of student pop?
describes many similarities & describes many differences
At what age are children most at-risk for sexual abuse?
ages 8-12 or grades 2-6
What are indicators of child abuse?
1)Physical Signs (i.e.
Bruises, burns, bite marks, abrasions, lacerations, head injuries, fractures) 2)Emotional/Psychological Signs
(i.e. Depression & Withdrawal)3)
Exaggerated fears or antisocial behavior 4)
Over conformity or seeking attention/approval from authority figures 5)Behavior problems or acting out 6)Inability to perform normal, age appropriate behaviors.
What are types of sexual harassment?
Sexual Harassment is
Behavior that is sexual in nature
Physical/non-physical behavior, words, gestures, jokes, and looks.
Occurs in an unequal relationship where one person has more power over another
Behavior is unsolicited and unwelcome
Types of Harassment
Hostile Environment: Student to student harassment where the student feels the environment is not a safe place.
Quid Pro Quo: Teacher/administrator to student harassment in which the teacher/administrator gives a better grade or favor in exchange for a sexual act. (ASCA, 2005)
What are worst types of sexual harassment, acoording to students?
When someone rips off their clothing, spreads sexual rumors about them, or calls them gay or lesbian.
What substances are on the rise (i.e. abuse)?
Drugs Increasing in Use
Sedatives (by 12th graders)
OxyContin (by 12th graders)
Inhalants (by 12th graders)
What are effective anti-drug programs?
a) must increase student’s self esteem, social skills, decision-making and problem solving skills, and their ability to resist the influence of peers, b)must offer alternative activities to fill the need for excitement that attract individuals to abuse substances
What is disenfranchised grief?
Loss that is not typically openly acknowledged, publicly mourned or socially supported
What are types of disenfranchised grief?
Loss of a romantic relationship, having a disability, close friend moving away, living in a dysfunctional family (family members taken out of house/jail), parents boy/girl friends leave.
Characteristics of grief in elementary students
Less magical, more concrete thinking.
Interested in the specific details of the death.
How did he die? What happens to the body? How did they know he was dead?
Difficulty accepting the idea that death happens to everyone
3 interventions for grieving elem students; 4 for middle school and h.s.
1)Talk Counseling, 2)Using books on Grief, 3)Using play(symbolism or drawing) add 4)Group Counseling for m.s. & h.s.
consequences of unresolved grief in elem students
1)Difficulty concentrating (ADD), 2)decline in the quality of school work,3) withdrawn and isolated from family and friends (Depression), 4)persistently angry and sad (ODD, Conduct), 5)physical complaints (Somatic Disorder), 6)fatigue and drowsiness
what age group is the fastest growing group for completed suicides?
15-24 year olds; guns are method of choice
In what race is suicide highest?
Highest for white adolescent males
% of depressed attempt to commit suicide? Success rate for every 8?
15% of depressed individuals attempt suicide; one in eight attempts is successful
Who was the first prof. school counsleor?
Jesse B. Davis - 1st Professional School Counselor
Grand Rapids, MI
Set aside one English class a week to help students better understand their own personality, emulate good role models, and develop into socially responsible workers.
What % of students are sexually active?
30% of 13-16yr olds reported that they were sexually active
Ways to promote success/achievement for minority students
1)Consulting With Teachers, Parents 2)Learn culture, language, customs of the culture 3)Connect yourself to understand how families access services and establish relationships 4) Develop programs to enhance multicultural issues throughout the school 5)Program Interventions
Effective School Counselors 3 parts to address grieving students
1) Understand the Grieving Process/Characteristics
2) Accept the Grieving Process
3) Integrate the Grieving Process
U, A, I
What Is #1 stressor for h.s. students?
Dispositions of YSU Counseling students
Collaborative, inclusive, professional, ethical conduct, approp. in workplace
What are the 6 foundation of ethical guides?
What are dual relationships?
dual relationships that might impair his/her objectivity and
increase the risk of harm to the student (e.g., counseling one’s family
members, close friends or associates). If a dual relationship is
unavoidable, the counselor is responsible for taking action to eliminate
or reduce the potential for harm. Such safeguards might include
informed consent, consultation, supervision and documentation.
How much time should school counselors spend in different activities?
80% of time should be in direct service to students, staff & families
What is informed consent?
Participants are informed of groups purpose & rules, limits of confidentiality
Pre-screening means to
School counselor should meet with every student individually before allowing them to enter the group
Screen out students that would have a destructive influence on the group
Informed Consent means
Professional School Counselor provides informed consent before entering into a counseling relationship with a student.
Informed Consent involves the purpose, goals, techniques of counseling and confidentiality
In Loco Parentis means
Educators (school counselors) legally stand in place of parent at school.
However, Courts rule that parents have the right to be the guiding voice in their children’s lives.
in the place of the parent
FERPA stands for...
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act or Buckley Act (1974)
What is FERPA?
Federal law says parents, not the student, makes the decisions about disclosure of personal info. It gives parents opportunity to request corrections made to student record.
privacy rt.s of minors belong to parent
Purpose of the National Defense Education Act (NDEA)1958
to strengthen higher education in
specific areas of national importance, including counseling and guidance and funded training
programs to relieve national shortages of qualified personnel in the nation’s schools and colleges; passed in an effort to recapture
national pride
strengthen higher ed by funding
NDEA in 1964
Higher Education Act of
1965 was passed in response to a “tidal wave
of students” that hit college campuses in the
fall of 1964
What is privileged communication?
client's legal right to ask that information be kept confidential.
Name 7 positive ways to prevent suicide.
having a
plan to follow, staff in-services, info. to students & parents, identify
at-risk students, classroom guidance, reference materials, planned response,