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An important factor in the development of schizophrenia
the degree of __ __ may very among different types of schizophrenia
genetic influence
to confirm a genetic basis for schizophrenia, research separate __ from __
genetic influences , environmental factors
concordance rates for schizophrenia among monozygotic twins are signifantly __ than among dizygotic twins.
the bet known developmental studies of 100 persons with schizo moms and 100 persons with non schizo moms. results showed that gen predisposition was important. more aggressive.
Mednick's Study
Schizophrenia may result from excess dopamine activity
Dopamine Hypothesis
reduce dopamine activity in the brain by blocing dopamine receptors.
Phenothiazines (such as thorazine)
increase the level of dopamine
amphetamines (speed pills)
In these findings, some schizophrenics show brain ___. They show ___enlargements (enlarged
spaces in areas of the brain) and cerebral __ or __ loss.
Nerological findings;
deterioration, ventricular, atrophy, neuronal
Schizophrenics show information processing deficits, problems in sustaining attention, recall and
memory and visual processing.
Cognitive Markers
Certain behavior pattern of parents could inhibit appropriate ego development in the child making
him/her vulnerable to the severe regression seen in schizophrenics.
Family Influences
defined as a person who is cold, rejecting and dominating of her children.
__ __ ___ proposed by Bateson states that a child receives two contradictory messages
from the parents or caregivers and thus develops a false conception of reality.
Schizophrenic mother;
double blind theory
Schizophrenia is most commonly noted in the lower socioeconomic levels, among people in the
poorest areas of large cities.
effects of social class
states that schizophrenics cannot function elsewhere except in the lower class
environment, therefore they drift to the lower classes.
drift theory
The third-world countries suffer from rapid psychoses, which is short in duration. The content of
delusions seem to be influenced by the culture and society. Black people exhibit more severe
symptoms than whites.
Cross-Cultural Comparisons
This model involves inherited tendencies combined with the impact of stressors. It is a general
model, which stresses the interaction between genetics and the environment stressors. A
genetically vulnerable person would not develop psychotic symptoms within a supportive family
environment. This model emphasizes both the biological and psychological factors.
The Diathesis-Stress Model of Schizophrenia
Radical procedures in treating schizophrenia were abandoned in 1950s when new anti-psychotic
drugs became available. Today schizophrenia is treated with anti-psychotic medication and some type of psycho-social therapy. Hospitalization is available for the more severe cases.
The treatment of Schizophrenia
The introduction of ____(from the group of ____) the first anti-psychotic drug
started a new era in treatment of schizophrenics
Anti-psychotics are also called
More effective drugs with lesser side effects are now available including
Haldol and Clozapine (1991).
Not all patients require continuous medication. In ___ doses patients show greater social
competence and adjustment.
One major side effect of neuroleptics is _______
manifested in thrusting the tongue and smacking the lips.
tardive dyskinesia
This type of therapy emphasizes communication skills and assertive training.

_____identifies specific cognitive difficulties and remedies them.
Families and patients are also taught how to alter their communication patterns to make them
more effective.
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

The Integrated Psychological Therapy