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a group of disorders characterized by severely impaired cognitive processes. It is a disorder which involves disturbance of _____ primarily.
called this disorder Dementia Praecox meaning early Insanity.
in the yr
Emil Kraeplin,1896
coined the term schizophrenia from the two terms Schizen and phren. yr: ___
Breuler, 1911
thought disorder, bizarre behavior, delusions and hallucinations
symptoms of schizophrenia
defined as false beliefs which are firmly held to by the patient. several types of ____ are:
thinking one is a ery important person
delusions of grandeur
others try to control the patient
delusions of control
others can hear the patient's thoughts
delusions of thought broadcasting
others are plotting to harm the patient
delusions of persecution
others are talking bout the patient
delusions of reference
one's thoughts are removed by others
thought withdrawal
these include hallucinations which are sensory stimuli or perceptions with no direct actual stimulation. Hallucinations are mainly auditory, but can also be visual or tactile or felt through the sense of smell.
perceptual distortions
speehc is disorganized and called __. there is a lack of insight that one's thinking is disturbed.
Disorganized Speech and Thought Disturbances
also refered to as cognitive slippage with continual shifting from topic to topic with no logical connections.
loose associations
the patient forms new words whose meaning he she only understands.
The patient is unable to focus on one subject
Problems with attention
extreme high or low levels or motor activities are demonstrated by the patient.
Disorganized Motoric disturbances
lack of demonstration of emotions or feelings
flat affect
inability to feel pleasure
lack of motivation
lack of meaningful speech
symtoms include delusions, auditory hallucinations together with extreme suspiciousness and mistrust
paranoid schizophrenia
symptoms include regressive behavior, disorganized and incoherent speech, inappropriate affect, silly, vulgar, bizarre behavior
disorganized schizophrenia (formerly called hebephrenia)
symptoms include disturbance in motor activity, either extreme excitement or motoric immobility. patient might take a position and remain in that position for a long period of time. This is called ____
catatonic schizophrenia
symptoms are mixed and unindiffirentiated, thus a clear classification os not made, Residual refers to past illness, but non-symptomatic at present.
unindiffirentiated , residual schizophrenia
an acute, brief psychotic episode following a severe trauma
brief psychotic reaction
a combination of the symptoms of schizophrenia and mood disorder
schizoaffective disorder
a person's __ ___ is important.
premorbid personality : peersonality before the illness
typical course of schizophrenia. 3 phases
prodromal, active, residual
includes the onset and build up of the symptoms.
shows full blown symptoms
active phase
the seerity of the symptoms decline
residual phase
today, many schizophrenics can lead a productie life, provided they _____
take their medications regularly