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What are the positive signs of schizophrenia
-disorganized speech, thinking, behavior
-loosening of association
What are the negative signs of schizophrenia
-flat or constricted affect
-lack of goal direction
-lack of ADL functioning
What are the subtypes of schizophrenia
1 Paranoid
2 disorganized
3 catatonic behavior
4 undifferentiated
5 residual
What is paranoid schizophrenia?
*hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking
*Thoughts around themes of persecutions
What is disorganized schizophrenia?
*Flat or constricted affect
*Incoherent thinking
*gross inadequate functioning: speech, behavior
What is catatonic behaviour schizophrenia?
*extreme psychosocial motor disturbance/retardation
What is undifferentiated schizophrenia?
Meet schizophrenia criteria but does not fall under paranoid, disorganized or catatonic subtypes
What is residual schizophrenia?
Prev DX of schizophrenia, but no active psychotic signs present, however, residual negative symptoms are: impaired functioning, illogical thinking, social withdrawal, eccentric behavior
What is the prodromal for schizophrenia?
decrease in ADL functioning
What can trigger an exacerbation of schizophrnia positive signs?
cessation of medicine
What is the rule of 4 A's?
-Affect: flat or constrained
-Anhedonia (sp?): lack of pleasure, interest
-Avolition: inability to have goals, no motivation
-Alogia: poverty of speech, brief telegraphic responses, failure to elaborate oan idea
what is the rule of 3rd?
-1/3 will be chronically institionalized (never get better)
-1/3 will be in & out of hosp.
-1/3 will be moderate; able to function marginally (this is the best of the 3)