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40 yo female showing malignant PVCs on the monitor
after being shocked out of V-fib RR 14 BP 100/70 P 80
treat with lidocane bolus and hang gtt
87 yo Male in V-tach
RR 13 lungs are clear
BP 80/60 P 120
Amiodarone 150mg over 10 min
repeat 150 in 10 min
fluid challange for blood pressure
26 yo female gravida 1 para 0
EDC 6weeks RR 17 lungs are clear, BP 190/85 C/O weakness, SOB, N/V HX of pregnacy induced hypertension
this is showing evidence of preclampsia, Magnesium Sulfate would be the drug of choice
56 yo m complaining of chest pressure RR 14 BP 105/70 P90
possable MI
ASA 81mg x3
Nitro 0.4 x3
O2 2 liters NC
Morphine 2mg-10 titrate
36 yo female who overdosed on morphine 20min ago
RR 8 BP 120/80 P 60
altered mental status, N/V
Narcan IV SQ IM
0.4-2 mg q2-3 min slow IV push