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you must wear your SCBA when the CO reading is below what PPM?
What is safe oxygen percentages? For no SCBA use
What is O.A.T.H.?
allow slack
take up slack
At what PSI does the visual and audible alarm flash?
1035-1215 psi and continues flashing until pressure drops below 200 psi
How much psi will give you 1 min of air.
100 psi
How often do we hydro our SCBA bottles?
5 years
What type of bottles do we have?
Carbon fiber
What is the weight of a 30 min. SCBA bottle?
6.5 lbs
What is the weight of a 1 hour SCBA bottle?
12 lbs
What is the volume of a 1 hr SCBA bottle?
87 cubic feet
How do we measure Volume? SCBA
Cubic feet
What is the service life for a carbon fiber cylinder?
15 years
What are the emergency steps for SCBA regulator failure? No air.
1.Check bottle cylinder valve for accidental shut off. This first one was not in the policy.

2.Open bypass and exit to safety with partner
What are the emergency steps for SCBA regulator failure? Continuous flow.
1.Check bypass (not in policy)
2.Exit to safety (Policy)
What are the steps for SCBA facepiece failure?
1. Diconnect facepiece from demand valve
2. Put demand valve up to mouth and switch the on/off lever to the on position
How do we buddy breath with a common facepiece?
1. pull harness straps over the front of mask. Take 3 quick breaths, hold the last one, pass the mask to your buddy. Buddy exhales into mask and then takes 3 quick breaths and passes the mask back
During Aerial Truck operations while on supplied air, does your SCBA backpack cylinder have to be on or off?
It can be on or off. It is not nessesary to turn it off.
While using supplied air from an air cart does the SCBA backpack have to be on or off?
turn completely off
What PSI should we leave the storage cylinders at?
At 5000 PSI whenever possible
When should the SCBA be used?
When ever you are requiered to work in a hazardous enviorment.
Who is the only person that can declare the incident enviorment to be safe?
The incident commander.
Daily check of SCBA
-Check cylinder pressure 4000psi min
-check straps for full extension
-general cleanliness
After use check of SCBA
-Clean and disinfect mask
-cylinder pressure 4000 psi min
-clean and check harness assembly