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What is 'Custom House'?
*only connection to story is quote("a ray of scarlet cloth shaped the letter A");air of historical truth
*instant popularity
*addresses spiritual & moral issues
*Hawthorne had an intense interest in Puritan period
*satiric(contrasts somber mood of novel)
What is the tone of The Scarlet Letter?
somber / serious / psychological fiction (punishment & guilt)
What is the definition of Romance?
19th Century prose narractive that tells a fictional story & deals with subjects in a symbolic, imaginative, & non-realistic way
What are the themes found in the Scarlet Letter?
sin, guilt, punishment, individualism
What ia the point of view in Scarlet Letter?
*offers intimacy between reader & narrator; connects Hawthorne & Hester (ex. "Dear reader...")
*outside action
*3rd person, occasional 1st person pronouns)
What is the definition of symbol?
*literature: the term symbol is only applied to a word or phrase that signifies an object or event which in turn signifies something, or has a range of reference beyond itself
To identify: 1. context 2. not in everything 3. repetition, reference to meaning beyone work 4. cautious observation
What does the rosebush symbolize?
*symbolizes moral blossom
What does the "A" symbolize?
*Pearl's mother -- Hester
What does the scaffold symbolize?
*public punishment
What does nature symbolize?
*new life
What are the different ideas to the origin of Dimmesdale's "A"?
*Dimmesdale inflicted it on him as a form of penance
*Chillingworth did it because he was a potent necromancer
*effect of remorse, "gnawing from the inmost heart outwardly"
*Heaven's judgement