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Kalmar Union
(1397-1523), a union formed between Sweden, Denmark and Norway under Margrete to oppose threat of German/Hanseatic domination after black death.
wife of king of Norway, daughter of Danish king, presided over Kalmar Union.
Gustav Vasa
Led Swedes in an anti-union fight that resulted in Swedish independence, son of a victim of Stockholm Bloodbath, new king.
Christian II
King of Kalmar union, led Stockholm bloodbath leading to loss of Sweden, wished to forge modern state with church and nobility under his control, support of Lutheran reform turned clergy against him, taxes on commons turned them against him, forced into exile.
Christian III
Danish king, Son of Frederik, strongly Lutheran, imprisons bishops, confiscates church property, sought to absorb Norway, sent to strip Olav Haraldsens gold cathedral.
Christian IV
Danish king, ruled over flourishing Copenhagen, building projects, reforms, against advice of council took Denmark into 30 years War to secure Denmark's position, lost personal resources and relationship with council
Karl XII
Swedish king, 'half Don-Quixote, half Alex the great', fought in Great Northern War, after losing takes refuge with the Ottomans
Gustav Adolph
Swedish king, ushers sweden into 16th c with reforms, turns Sweden towards the present, enters 30 yrs war (revvd Sweden up).
Treaty of Westphalia
1648, result of 30 years war, determines that whos rule decides the religion.
Ludvig Holberg
born in Bergen, educated in Copenhagen, lived in Denmark, belonged to new literary upper class, cultured.
Carl von Linne
Swedish figure, naturalist, taxonomy, represents scientific side.
Johan Friedrich Struensee
German living in Denmark, physician taking care of Danish king, became nearly dictator, revolutionary figure introducing reforms. eventually tortured and executed.
Themes of enlightenment (7)
autonomy, reason, nature, progress, tolerance, peace, religion (as enemy to peace)
Sea Battle of Trafalgar
1805, Lord Nelson with British Navy defeats Napoleon, securing survival for Britain.
Armed Neutrality League
Denmark-Norway, Sweden, Prussia, Russia, Denmark seeks to preserve trade with France resulting in Britain attacking Copenhagen.
Bernadotte/Karl Johan
appointed by Napoleon, desires commercial ties with England, seeks territorial prize for Sweden, seeks alliance with Russia and joins 3rd coalition, cedes Finland to Russia and seeks union of Norway.
Treaty of Kiel
1814, made between Denmark and Sweden, surrendering Norway
Christian Frederick
crown prince of Denmark, summons assembly to Eidsvoll, 2 parties (union, independence), Chrisitan Frederick elected king of Norway.
Lars Levig Laestadios
Begins Northern Swedish revival of religion, spreads among the Sami (complete w trances and tongues)
preached to the heart to students in southern Sweden, students take new form of preaching over the country, spreading awakening
Peter Wieselgren
started religious movement which reduced alcoholism. Sweden
George Scott
invited by industrialists (sweden) to spread religious message (helps boost productivity), laborers converted to Methodists, Scott sent back to England
Carl Olof Rosenios
carries methodist wave in spite of banishment of Scott (in Sweden)
Jakob Peter Mynster
brought about movement within the church in Denmark
Nikolei Grundtvig
awakening in Denmark, active Christianity, 'Danishness', goes back to old mythology, writes in Danish, hymns,
Vilhelm Beck
severe, disciplined, serious form of awakening in Denmark.
Hans Nilsen Hauge
farmer's son, spiritual awakener and social activist, walks and talks throughout Norway, aggravating authority, giving opportunities for women, remain within church, sparked missionary movement.
Johan Gottfried
key German nationalist figure, called Germans to develop distinct moral identity, powerful link between people and language
Adam Oehlenschalger
Danish Cultural Nationalism figure
Nikolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig
Danish Cultural Nationalism figure