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Petri Nylandiensi
- Published Piae Cantiounes
-- is a collection of latin songs sung in cathedral schools
Erik Tulindberg
- Contemporary of Mozart
- His works "Violin Concerto in B-flat Major (Rondo: Tempo di
menuetto, Track 15)
Fredrik Pacius
(Romantic/ Nat Romantic)
- Father of Finnish Music
-German, taught at UoHelsinki
- "Kaarle kuninkaan metssstys"(Opera)
- "Maame" (Unofficial Nat. Anthem of Finn)
- "Vartland"
Jean Sibelius
(National Romantic)
- Taught at music institute of Helsinki
- "Finlandia, Symphony no II"
- "Jean Sibelius: The Swan of Tuonela"
Aare Merikanto
(Post Romantic)
-Studied in GER, RUS, FIN
- Lemminkaanen, Op. 10 (Tone Poem)
Uuno Kalmi
- "Nummisuutarit-alkusoitto" (Overture)
- also does short orchestra tone-poem
Erik Bergman
- Represents the avand guard of Sweden
- " Dreams, Op. 85—Restlessness"
Einar Englund
Valkoinen (The White Reindeer)
Oskar Merikanto
- Father of Aare Merikanto
- - "Haahymn" Wedding song.
Jouini Kaipainen
- Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra, Op. 74 (Presto Movement)
Magnus Lindberg
- won many prizes
--Prix Italia, Nordic Music Prize, Royal Philharmonic society Prize.
- Music for 2 Pianos,
Magnus Lindberg: Etude No. 2
Erik IX
(Middle Ages)
- Launches first crusade into Finland
Birger Jarl
(Middle Ages)
- Launches second Crusade into Finland gets beat by Alexander Nevsky.
- 3rd Crusade they win Finland.
Mikael Agricola
- Introduces Luteranism to Finland and translates bible setting basis for their language.
Turku University
- Established in aabo when it was apart of SWE.
Great Wrath
Russia attacks SWE and gets some of FIN.
Lesser Wrath
SWE tries to attack RUS and they occupy FIN again.
Alexander I
Attacks SWE in 1807 and gains control of SWE and FIN and FIN becomes apart of Russian Grand Duchy
Akseli Gallen-Kallela
(National Romantic)
- Painter who is known for depictions of the Kalevala.
- Great significance for FIN
Hella rare type of Wood instrument
White Guard
Pro-revolutionary German military supported guards
Red Guard
In support of Russian influence.
Troops of the White Guard, German trained FINs
WInter War
1940 betw FIN and SOVU
Nicolay Barbrikov
Russian Gov Gen. assasinated by Eugen Schauman
K. J. Ståhlberg
First Pres of FIN
Yjro Kilpinen
-Yrjö Kilpinen: From Spielmannslieder (Minstrel's Songs), Op. 77: Ihr
ewigen Sterne (You Eternal Stars)
Tarja Halonen
Pres of Finland
Uhro Kekkonen
Previous pres of Finland
Strat arms limitation talks (SALT) in FIN
in FIN
Einojuhani Rautavaara
- Cantus Arcticus
- Symphony No. 8, 3rd Movement (Comme une sogno)
Kaiija Saariaho
Lonh for Voice and Electronics
Esa-Pekka Salonen
Jukka-Pekka Saraste
Famous Conductors
Finnish Tango/Kantele
Folk music instrument that is stringed
- Kantele: Konevitsan kirkko
- Finnish Tango: Tango d'amore Eino Grön
Land of Ice and Snowd
Area of FInland that RUS took back
Gustav Mannerheim
Winston Churchill of FIN. Lead war on White side I believe.