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Each employee more than ____ feet above a lower level shall be protected from fall by __________ or a _____________, except those on single point and two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds. Each employee of single or two-point scaffold shall be protected by _________ and ______________.
- 10

- guardrails

- fall arrest system


- guardrail
Guardrail Height

Height of toprail for manufactured scaffolds:
< Prior to 1/1/2000 - _________
< After 1/1/2000 - ___________
After /1/2000 - 38 to 45

Prior 1/1/00 _ 38 to 45
Crossbracing as Fall Protection

Allowed when:
Must by between 38 and 48 incheds in height.

Must be installed halfway between top rail and platform surface.

crossbracing between _______________
20 and 30 inches

Support scaffold footings shall be ____ and ________________________. The legs, poles, frames and uprights shall bear on _________ and ________.
1. level
2. capable of supporting the loaded scaffold.
3. base plates
4. mud sills

Supported scaffold platforms shall be fully _________ and __________.
1. Planked

2. Decked