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On the border with Georgia
These Swiss could not handle the sweltering heat
They slowly mingled with other towns
Their attempts with silk and olives failed.
On the Congaree and Lexington of today
Near Camdon wheat and cattle made them so sucessful
Orangeburg and Fredericksburg
The most sucessful

500-550 settlers produced Hemp
Along the Peedee River prosperous farmers first Baptist meeting house used for elections
Welsh Baptists
The Battery of Today
White Point
90 miles south of Charles Town and worked out probems without war
Yamasee Indians
What is working out differences without war
Increasing problems with pirates revealed proprietors __
didn't care
William Rhett capture what 3 pirates
Blackbeard Teach and Bonnet
South Carolina had no more interest in helping England's mercantilism England was still benefiting greatly from SC's trade including what 3 major products
Cotton Indigo Rice
South Carolina was turned into a
colony which means completely ruled by king
first royal governor in SC
Robert Johnson
2 forts to watch for indians
Beaufort and Fort Moore
was a British sea captain ried to bend spanish regulations
England used this insult as an excuse for what?
Who saw this as a way to get spain out of florida
Oglethorpe of Georgia
What proved to be worse than war
Who said "God's judgements have been abroad and amongst them by spreading of the small pox. I hope they will learn righteousness."
evangelist George Whitefield
Slaves outnumbered whites in what ratio
name 3 laws of the Slave Code of 1740
mo more chance to earn money
no more chance to learn to read
slave owners could now be punished for any slave problems.
The only remaining wall of the city is found in the
dungeon of the exchange