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What does science deal with?
A set of controlled observations.
What does data result from?
[blank], not the scientist, knows best.
The subject matter.
The weakness of the appeal to authority as a method for resolving doubt lies in the fact that it ...
endows authority with more than it can claim.
Science rejects its own authoritative sources when ...
data prove them wrong.
Who didn't accept authoritative source?
What does neutralism in science demand?
That we withhold judgment until the data become available.
What is a very important notion?
Accepting "as of today"
What must a scientist be ready to do when data comes in?
Change conclusions
T/F: Psychology as a scientific study of behavior is a relatively new science.
What has been suggested of experimental inquiry?
The job never ends.
Does the scientist make announcements or pronouncements?
How can we modify behavior?
By manipulating certain consequences of the behavior.
What is a basic assumption in all science?
That natural phenomena are determined.
What does determined mean?
Every event in the universe has a cause
What does the knowledge of relationships between events and their causes allow us to do?
Control the occurrence of future events.
What should determinism never be identified with?
Pre-scientific doctrine of Calvinism
What can you do if a behavior is determined?
Change it.
How do you change a behavior?
Find the lawful relationship that controls the behavior.
The term, determinism, as used by behavior scientists, refers to:
the notion that behavior is lawful
What have humans not been good at doing?
Using science in reference to studying their own behavior.