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What does SAVI stand for?
Sexual Assault Victim Intervetion
What does the SAVI program do?
Assists in the coordination of Sexual Assault Victim Intervention services for victims, training in awareness and prevention, and victim advocacy and intervention
What are the three goals that the NAVY has established for the SAVI program?
-Reduce the number of rape/sexual assault incidents
-Reduce the re-victimization experienced by survivors of these crimes
-Create a working environment with "zero tolerance" for sexual assault
What are the three components of the SAVI program?
victim advocacy, education, and training
What are the two types of reporting for a sexual assault?
Restricted and Unrestricted
Define Restriscted Reporting.
Restricted reporting is the reporting option that enables victims to confidentially disclose the crime to specifically identified individuals and receive medical treatment, advocacy, and counseling without triggering the official investigative process.
Define Unrestricted Reporting.
Unrestricted reporting is the reporting option for victims of sexual assault who want medical treatment, advocacy, counseling, and an official investigation of the crime. Unrestricted reporting follows existing reporting channels (Command, NCIS, security, Medical, SAVI POC, Victim Advocate, SARC).
Who are the officials that a victim can report a sexual assault to without triggering an investigation?
Victim Advocate
Medical personnel
What resources are available to victims of sexual assault?
Medical Treatment

Forensic medical exam

Advocacy Services

Counseling Assistance
What are the three types of SAVI training?
Awareness and Risk Reduction Education Program
SAVI Advocate/POC Training
SAVI Advocate and POC Refresher Training
Describe the Awareness and Risk Reduction Education Program.
This training addresses the common myths and prevention methods to avoid becoming a victim, perpetuator and how to report when incidents of sexual assault do occur. This training is available to all commands, for presentation at your worksite.
Describe the SAVI Advocate and POC training program.
This three-day, basic training prepares SAVI Advocate Volunteers to be early responders to a victim of sexual assault. The training prepares command SAVI POCs to coordinate training for the crew, fulfill reporting requirements and assist victims.
Describe the Refresher training program.
This is an advanced training for command advocates and POCs.
The SAVI Program Coordinator is designated by who ----?
The base CO.
A command must submit a SITREP upon notification of an assault within how many hours?
24 hours
What is the DOD Instruction for the SAVI Program?
DODI 6495.02
Who is authorized to use Restricted Reporting?
The restricted reporting option is only available to
those sexual assault victims who are Service members; however, it may not be an option if the
sexual assault occurs outside of the military installation or the victim first reports to a civilian
facility and/or a civilian authority. This will vary by state, territory, and/or overseas local
What is the DCRMS?
Defense Case Record Management System (DCRMS). A Department-wide data
system, developed in coordination with the Military Services, to document support services
requested by or referred for victims, standardized data on sexual assault incidents for trends, and
record data on restricted reports of sexual assault. The DCRMS assists SARCs to manage the
SAPR Program and meet reporting requirements, including restricted reports, victim support
services, and the reporting requirements of section 596 of the National Defense Authorization Act
for Fiscal Year 2006 (Reference (aa)) on cases hindered by lack of materials or processing delay.
It allows the Services to obtain consistent data, assess trends, improve service delivery, and adjust
policies as needed.
What is the DIBRS?
Defense Incident Based Reporting System (DIBRS). A database system for the central
storage of statistical information on criminal and high interest incidents within the Department of
Defense. These incidents include situations where the military has exclusive jurisdiction, or if they
share jurisdiction, where they coordinate with civilian law enforcement authorities. This system
requirement meets uniform Federal crime reporting requirements, statutory requirements, and
enables the Department of Defense to provide responses to internal and external response requests
for statistical data on criminal incidents.
Define Reprisal.
Taking or threatening to take an unfavorable personnel action, or
withholding or threatening to withhold a favorable personnel action, or any other act of retaliation,
against a DoD member for making, preparing, or receiving a covered communication.
What is the SAAC?
Sexual Assault Advisory Council (SAAC). A senior executive-level decision-making
body that provides advice and counsel to the Secretary of Defense and Deputy Secretary of
Defense on all SAPR matters.
SAVI training will be given to whom?
Shall be provided to all
DoD Military Service members, including flag and general officers, and at a minimum to all
civilian personnel who supervise military Service members
How often should Sexual Assautl Awareness training be conducted?
What information may a SARC give a CO upon learning of a Restricted Report?
Non-identifying personal information,