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ABANDON (n) (uh baan duhn)
total lack of inhibition
syn: exuberance, enthusiasm
ABATE (v) (uh bayt)
to decrease, to reduce
syn: dwindle, ebb, recede
ABET (v) (uh beht)
to aid; to act as an accomplice
syn: help, succor, assist
ABJURE (v) (aab joor)
to renounce under oath; to abandon forever; to abstain from
syn: renounce, disavow
ABNEGATE (v) (aab nih gayt)
to give up; to deny to oneself
syn: abjure, surrender, renounce
ABORTIVE (adj) (uh bohr tihv)
ending without results
syn: fruitless, futile, unsuccessful
ABROGATE (v) (aab ruh gayt)
to annul; to abolish by authoritative action
syn: nullify, revoke, repeal
ABSCOND (v) (aab skahnd)
to leave quickly in secret
syn: slip, sneak, flee
ABSTEMIOUS (adj) (aab stee mee uhs)
done sparingly; consuming in moderation
syn: moderate, sparing, abstinent
ACCEDE (v) (aak seed)
to express approval; to agree to
syn: consent, concur
ACCLIVITY (n) (uh klihv ih tee)
an incline or upward slope, the ascending side of a hill
syn: ascent, upgrade
ACCRETION (n) (uh kree shuhn)
a growth in size; an increase in amount
syn: buildup, accumulation
ACME (n) (aak mee)
the highest level or degree attainable
syn: apex, peak, summit
ACTUATE (v) (aak choo ayt)
to put into motion, to activate; to motivate or influence to activity
syn: incite, instigate
ACUITY (n) (uh kyoo ih tee)
sharp vision or perception characterized by the ability to resolve fine detail
syn: acuteness, sharpness
ACUMEN (n) (aak yuh muhn) (uh kyoo muhn)
sharpness of insight, mind, and understanding; shrewd judgment
syn: discernment, shrewdness
ADAMANT (adj) (aad uh muhnt/mihnt)
stubbornly unyielding
syn: inflexible, obdurate, inexorable
ADEPT (adj) (uh dehpt)
extremely skilled
syn: quick, masterful
ADJUDICATE (v) (uh jood ih kayt)
to hear and settle a matter; to act as a judge
syn: arbitrate, mediate
ADJURE (v) (uh joor)
to appeal to
syn: beg, plead
ADMONISH (v) (aad mahn ihsh)
to caution or warn gently in order to correct something
syn: reprimand, rebuke
ADROIT (adj) (uh droyt)
skillful; accomplished; highly competent
syn: dexterous, proficient
ADULATION (n) (aaj juh lay shuhn)
excessive flattery or admiration
syn: fawning, buttering up
ADUMBRATE (v) (aad uhm brayt) (uh duhm brayt)
to give a hint or indication of something to come
syn: foreshadow, suggest
AERIE (n) (ayr ee) (eer ee)
a nest built high in the air; an elevated, often secluded, dwelling
syn: perch, stronghold
AFFECTED (adj) (uh fehk tihd)
phony, artificial
syn: put-on, insincere, pretentious
AGGREGATE (n) (aa grih giht)
a collective mass, the sum total
syn: whole, entirety
ALGORITHM (n) (aal guh rith uhm)
an established procedure for solving a problem or equation
syn: calculation
ALIMENTARY (adj) (aal uh mehn tuh ree) (aal uh mehn tree)
pertaining to food, nutrition, or digestion
syn: nourishing, nutritive
ALLAY (v) (uh lay)
to lessen, ease, reduce in intensity
syn: alleviate, soothe
AMITY (n) ( aa mih tee)
friendship, good will
syn: harmony, benevolence
AMORPHOUS (adj) (ay mohr fuhs)
having no definite form
syn: shapeless, indistinct
ANIMUS (n) (aan uh muhs)
a feeling of animosity or ill will
syn: hostility, animosity
ANODYNE (n) (aan uh dyen)
a source of comfort; a medicine that relieves pain
syn: analgesic, painkiller
ANOMALY (n) (uh nahm uh lee)
a deviation from the common rule, something that is difficult to classify
syn: irregularity
ANTHROPOMORPHIC (adj) (aan thruh poh mohr fihk)
suggesting human characteristics for animals and inanimate things
syn: human-like
ANTIQUATED (adj) (aan tih kway tihd)
too old to be fashionable or useful
syn: outdated, obsolete
APHORISM (n) (aa fuhr ihz uhm)
a short statement of a principle
syn: adage, proverb
APLOMB (n) (uh plahm/pluhm)
self-confident assurance; poise
syn: coolness, composure
APOSTATE (n) (uh pahs tayt)
one who renounces a religious faith
syn: traitor, defector, deserter
APPOSITE (adj) (aap puh ziht)
strikingly appropriate or well adapted
syn: apt, relevant, suitable
APPRISE (v) (uh priez)
to give notice to, inform
syn: notify
APPROPRIATE (v) (uh proh pree ayt)
to assign to a particular purpose, allocate
syn: appoint, earmark
ARABLE (adj) (aa ruh buhl)
suitable for cultivation
syn: farm-able, fertile
ARCANE (adj) (ahr kayn)
secret, obscure; known only to a few
syn: esoteric, mysterious
ARCHIPELAGO (n) (ahr kuh pehl uh goh)
a large group of islands
syn: cluster, scattering
ARREARS (n) (uh reerz)
unpaid, overdue debts or bills; neglected obligations
syn: balance due
ARROGATE (v) (aa ruh gayt)
to claim without justification; to claim for oneself without right
syn: take, presume, appropriate
ASKANCE (adv) (uh skaans)
with disapproval; with a skeptical sideways glance
syn: suspiciously
ASSENT (v) (uh sehnt)
to agree, as to a proposal
syn: accede, yield, concur
ATAVISTIC (adj) (aat uh vihs tik)
characteristic of a former era, ancient
syn: old-fashioned, outdated
AUTOCRAT (n) (aw toh kraat)
a dictator
syn: tyrant, despot
AVER (v) (uh vuhr)
to declare to be true, to affirm
syn: assert, attest
AVUNCULAR (adj) (ah vuhng kyuh luhr)
like an uncle in behavior, especially in kindness and warmth
syn: n/a
AWRY (adv) (uh rie)
crooked, askew, amiss
syn: aslant, wrong