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Efficacious adj
Effective; producing the desired outcome
Catharsis N
A release of emotional tension
Inundate V
To overwhelm; to fill beyond capacity
Revere V
To regard with respect, awe, or adoration
Internecine adj
Mutually destructive
Risible Adj
Relating to laughter; laughable
Sybaritic adj
Marked by luxury or pleasure
Crepuscular adj
Pertaining to twilight
Kudos N
Acclaim or praise
Estrange V
To alienate
Intrinsic adj
Of or relating to a thing’s basic nature; inherent
Maxim N
An established principle; a truth or rule of conduct
Putrid adj
Rotten and foul smelling
Servile adj
Submissive; slavish
Apocryphal adj
Of questionable authenticity, but widely believed.